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Our Shipping Policy

How will items be shipped to me?

At Flaman Fitness, products are delivered by a third party outside carrier, so delivery of items is governed by that company’s shipping contracts.

We will do our very best to deliver items to you as quickly as possible, and within any time indicated, but unfortunately things happen to cause delays, and we’re not responsible for delivery delays beyond our control. We will try to notify you if delivery is delayed once we are made aware of the delay.

What are the shipping costs?

These are our shipping costs. Please note that GST and HST (in applicable provinces) are applied to the shipping cost.

NameShipping Price
Treadmills $234.00
Ellipticals $184.00
Exercise bikes $184.00
Free Striders $184.00
Bowflex machines $234.00
Bowflex attachments $84.99
Bowflex accessories $25.00
Home Gyms (Tuffstuff, PX200, FM EXT) $284.99
Marcy Home Gyms $184.00
Vibration trainers $234.00
Rowers $184.00
Stepper Machines $184.00
Balls & Ball accessories $25.00
Heavy bags & Boxing Trainers $84.99
Lifeline, TWIST, Workout Kits $25.00
Mats $84.99
Boxing/Workout Gloves $25.00
Wrist Wraps $15.00
Yoga $25.00
Straps $15.00
Inversion Tables $84.99
Wobble boards & Steps $25.00
Dumbell Racks $74.99
Agility hurdles $25 for 6
Collars $15.00
Bars $35.00
Consoles $35.00
Water bottles $15.00
Benches $74.99
Books, Videos, & Posters $15.00
Strength Accessories $25.00
Sport Conditioning $25.00
Treadmill Lubricant $15.00
Hand Exercisers $15.00
Weights $2.00 per Pound

What does the shipping cost include?

Shipping includes delivery to the door only. Tailgate charges from the courier are extra if requested by the customer and must be paid by the customer. Any storage fees for items not picked up in the allowed time also have to be paid by customer and are not our responsibility.

Does the shipping price include setting up the equipment in my house?

Unfortunately no – these prices do not include bringing the equipment or product inside or any set up charges. But we can help you with that. If you would like the equipment set up, please contact Flaman Fitness at or 1-866-978-1999 and this can be arranged for a reasonable cost that will be paid directly to the carrier or a third party. When contacting Flaman Fitness please include your name, address, primary phone number and information on the product for which you require set up.

Are these shipping prices for across Canada?

These costs are for shipping within Canadian provinces only. For the Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut and some northern areas there may be extra shipping costs. Please contact Flaman Fitness at or 1-866-978-1999 and we’ll get you a quote for shipping to these areas.

Do you ship outside Canada?

Sorry, not at this time. We ship within Canada only.

How fast will I get my order?

Most items can be shipped out to the customer within 48 hours of receiving the order. If we’re really busy or during high volume times, we’ll do our best to get most items shipped out to the customer no later than seven regular business days (excluding weekends and holidays) after receiving an order. You’ll be issued a tracking number in your online account to track the order.

Do you offer shipping insurance?

Yes, shipping insurance can be purchased on a product at your request for a cost of $49.99 plus taxes. This insurance covers the product not being delivered to you, any lost items or any damaged items not covered under the defective items policy (see below).

What happens if I get an item that’s defective or broken?

If you receive an item that is defective or has been damaged, we need you to contact Flaman Fitness within 24 hours of receiving the item. Please call our head office at 1-866-978-1999 or email You must include the original invoice number, model number and serial number so we can help you out.

If you have a broken cosmetic part, we also need the part number, which can be found in the product manual. Please also include three digital photos of the defective part so we can assess the damage.

A new part will be sent to you at no charge, if you’re within Canada and as long as the product is under warranty. Any abuse to the equipment or product will void the warranty.

What about defective machines?

If a machine is put together and there is a defective electronic part, please contact Flaman Fitness’ head office at 1-866-978-1999 or and include the original invoice number, serial number, model number and part number from the manual, along with the nature of the issue.

If we determine a new part will be sent to you, that part will be mailed free of charge if you’re in Canada and as long as the product is under warranty. Any abuse to the equipment or product will void the warranty.

What if there’s damage to my property during delivery?

Any damage done to your property during delivery of equipment or products is the responsibility of the courier or third party and any claims must be taken up with delivery company. If you’re not sure which company delivered your order, please contact Flaman Fitness and we’ll help you get the right contact information for the delivery company.

Do you ship everywhere in Canada?

While we hope to serve a broad range of customers across Canada, Flaman Fitness reserves the right not to ship to certain addresses or ship certain products.

Does this shipping policy apply to commercial equipment?

No, this shipping policy does not apply to commercial equipment or machines. For shipping of commercial machines please contact Flaman Fitness at or 1-866-978-1999 and we’ll arrange a quote for you.

Returns and Exchanges

Refund Policy

Due to COVID-19, as of March 17, 2020, we will NOT accept any refunds and/or exchanges of any items. We kindly thank you, our valued customer, for understanding during these unprecedented times and for your ongoing support.

Our Promise

We, as a family-owned company, understand that making a larger purchase can sometimes be both intimidating and frightening. Our showrooms are currently open, at a limited capacity, for you to try the unit out as many times as you need prior to making the purchase and to talk to our knowledgeable staff. To ensure a clean and safe community, we are sanitizing all equipment after use to flatten the curve.

After Purchase Support Guarantee

At Flaman Fitness, we put our best efforts in supporting our customers’ fitness goals and providing the best piece of mind. If you purchase a unit and it doesn't feel right with your body, contact your local fitness expert. We will guide you over the phone to better improve your workouts and ensure there is no discomfort while using the unit or invite you in to the store to show you tips, tricks, and techniques that best match your body while using the unit.

Thank you for your continued business.