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Resistance Training

Flaman Fitness has many accessories that are perfect for resistance training, such as resistance cables, stretch bands, harnesses and agility sleds, battle ropes, Lebert Equalizer, suspension training, pull up bars and much more. Resistance cables and stretch bands come in a variety of lengths and tensions; they offer affordable strength training that can be used anywhere and are stored easily. Harness and agility sleds are perfect for cross-training, and can be quickly adjusted to match your size and fitness goals. Battle ropes and conditioning ropes provide a fun way to tone and build endurance. The Lebert equalizer, suspension training equipment, and chin-up bars allow for functional body weight exercises that are simple additions to any home gym. Most resistance training accessories offered by Flaman Fitness come in a variety of options.

Resistance training is based on the mechanics of combining body weight with tension allowing for smooth exercises that deliver consistent force through the range of motion. They provide effective exercise for people of any age and fitness level due to their ease of use and low impact. Resistance training accessories are complementary equipment for any strength and agility training routines, and available from Flaman Fitness locations across Canada as well as online.

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Resistance Training at Flaman Fitness

As the largest dealer of fitness equipment in Western Canada and a number of locations in Ontario, Flaman Fitness offers unsurpassed inventory in resistance training accessories. Our expert staff has the training to advise on the proper resistance training equipment to help you achieve your fitness goals. We offer cables, ropes, harnesses, sleds, suspension mechanisms, chin-up bars and much more from a number of brands in various configurations to ensure equipment is available to match your needs. Visit a store for more information or buy your resistance training accessory online. Flaman Fitness ships across Canada and provides free in-store pick up for online orders at most locations.

About Resistance Training

Strength, muscle tone, balance, and conditioning can all be improved with resistance training using simple equipment that is easy to use, affordable, and convenient to store. Resistance training relies on tension and your own body weight as opposed to lifting independent heavy weights. Due to the principle of tension most resistance exercises maintain their force throughout the range of motion so muscles are worked evenly. This is accomplished without putting undo stress on joints or risking injury by accidental drops of heavy equipment. In many cases a full-body workout targeting both strength and cardio can be achieved using only resistance training accessories. Resistance training fitness equipment is one of the most popular home workout accessories due to their convenience and effectiveness.